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This site "freebieAC" is a material site where you can download a set of materials with one click. Because you can download the materials of the illustrations and photos of the same series at once, which is convenient for creating a unified design. However, not everyone can download it. Those who are eligible to download are limited to premium members of "photoAC", "illustAC", and "silhouetteAC".

How to get freebieAC material for free !?

The materials listed in freebieAC are the materials delivered as gifts in the e-mail magazine. Even if you do not become a premium member of "photoAC", "illustAC", and "silhouetteAC", you can receive an e-mail newsletter and get materials for free just by registering as a free member. Why don't you receive various materials such as illustrations, photos, silhouettes, textures, pattern materials for free every day? By the way, premium members can download the materials that they missed in the e-mail newsletter once a day on this site. is. If there are days when you do not download, you can download them all at once the next day or later, and you can download 365 times a year, so don't worry.

How can I download 'PowerPoint template vol.67'?

You are free material collection "PowerPoint template vol.67". To download, you need to register as a premium member with one of the free material download sites "Illustration AC" "Photo AC" "Silhouette AC". Immediately after registering "PowerPoint template vol.67". You can download free of charge. You do not need credit notation, commercial use is also possible. Please use it as a material when creating Internet media, printed matter, TV program etc. Once you have completed your premium member registration, you will be able to download one material of our site free of charge a day. If you do not download it, please be assured that you can download it all at once from the next day.