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Terms of service

All digital data distributed on this site can be used based on this user license agreement. This agreement is exchanged between the individual who downloaded the digital data of this site or corporation (hereinafter referred to as "user") and AC Works Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") and has legal effect. By clicking on the download button, you agree to this contract. The user can take measures in the event that there are objections to the provisions of this agreement or changes to these Terms or when there is an objection to the contents of this service is limited to not using this service or digital data We will preliminarily agree to be done. All copyright on the digital data to be posted on this site belongs to us. When using digital data, acts that fall under the prohibited matter are forbidden.

Use promises

  • Digital data on this site is used as it is or processed to prohibit items, for purposes of self-use, purpose of providing to business customers, educational purposes, printed materials such as advertisements and pamphlets, homepages etc. You can use it for commercial or non-profit as part of the multimedia contents, video, game, software, etc. components.
  • As a general rule, there is no need to apply for permission, credit notation such as our company name when using.
  • The contents of the license agreement may be revised without notice. The contents of the revised license agreement will be posted on this site and will be applied to the use of the digital data of this site at the same time as it is posted. Please confirm the latest contents before using the digital data of this site.

Prohibited matters

  • We will prohibit the use of this site's digital data falling under the following clause.
  • Distributing (selling, renting, free distribution, granting free of charge, etc.) the digital data of this site as it is or processing it and subjecting to independent transactions, public transmission (transmission using a website or broadcast of the Internet) It is not possible to provide it by using, for example, commercial or non-profit. In addition, we can not use it as an obstacle to the disclosure of our digital data.
  • The use of the secondary copyrighted work including the digital data of this site or processed image data as the main content in the product (refers to calendar, jigsaw puzzle etc., but not limited to this), Internet or similar (For example, use for Internet greeting card service, template download service, etc., incorporation as a standby screen of mobile phones, incorporation as a standby screen of mobile phones, It is impossible to incorporate it as a material sample of application software, etc., to distribute it by including it in a screensaver etc.). In addition, it can not be installed as a template in hardware, software, etc., and can not perform print service etc.
  • Even if it is intended to be offered to business partners, we can not grant third parties the use of digital data. Also, we can not transfer, lease or lend the digital data of this site to a third party.
  • Digital data of this site can not be copied to a hard disk such as a server and used on multiple personal computers by LAN connection etc.
  • You can not operate a website that distributes digital data such as material download site using digital data of this site.
  • You can not use the digital data of this site for trademarks, trade names, other products, etc to register, register.
  • It can not be used for the purpose of using the digital data of this site in a way contrary to public order and morality, or for the purpose of serving business or activity against public order and morals. Also, regardless of whether it is contrary to public order and morals, cover pages, packages, articles, images, publicity about adult magazines and adult videos (other than DVD, CD-ROM, WEB site etc regardless of media) , Advertisements, or any other form. In addition, articles, images, advertisements, advertisements, etc. relating to pornography and customs (legal / illegal, for-profit / non-profit, individual / corporate, any aspect regarding sexual customs, regardless of aspects) It can not be used.
  • It can not be used in a manner harmful to the characteristics, quality, honor or credibility of the digital data model (people, goods, landscapes, etc.) of this site. In particular, it can not be used to give an impression that the model uses or recommends a specific sales, goods or services. In addition, subjects can not be used for articles, images, advertisements, advertisements, etc. that contain illegal, false or slander content.
  • Regarding the model release (a portrait right license to obtain agreement on the use of digital data for a subject with portrait right if a person who can identify an individual is included in the subject of digital data), use from the owner of the right There are cases where permission is not obtained.
  • For a property release (a license agreement to obtain the consent of the owner of the subject to the use of the digital data if the subject has a trademark right, a patent right, other intellectual property rights, etc.), from the owner of the right License may not be obtained in some cases.
  • If the user violates any of these provisions, this Agreement will be canceled without any notice or notice and from that time onwards, the user will not be able to use any digital data on this site.
  • Regardless of whether or not the materials have been downloaded, the materials posted on Freebie AC cannot be used as data for AI development or learning.
  • Even if it is not the above prohibited matter, if AC WORKS CO., LTD decides that the usage method is inappropriate, we ask you to stop using it if you do not use it or have already used it You may. In this case, the user shall be obliged to comply with the judgment of AC Works Co., Ltd.
  • If you can not judge whether it corresponds to each of the above prohibited items, please consult us.

Disclaimer · Other

  • We do not guarantee anything about the digital data of this site.
  • Notice from the Company to the user is made by communication means judged appropriate by the Company, such as written notice, sending of e-mail (e-mail magazine), or posting on the website. If the notification is made by sending an e-mail or posting it on the website, it is assumed that the user reached the point of delivery on the Internet.
  • We are not responsible for any obstacles or accidents that occurred when using the digital data on this site.
  • This site does not assume any responsibility for the website that you access through the link. Being linked does not mean that the link destination and the Company have relationships with affiliated companies, business partners, etc.
  • The content of the digital data of this site may change without notice.
  • This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.